Tools, Technologies and Training for High Speed Digital SerDes System Designers

John Baprawski

John Baprawski has been a successful electronic system design engineer in the communications and radar product development industries for over 30 years.

Expert in HSD SerDes system IBIS-AMI modeling.

  • Provided consulting services for HSD SerDes system IBIS-AMI modeling and training.
  • Developed many custom LTI and NLTV IBIS-AMI models.
  • Created a 2-day IBIS-AMI Modeling training course for Keysight Technologies, trained over 30 companies.

Expert in RF system level design, modeling and simulation.

  • Including RF system simulation, RF system performance budget analysis, S-parameter and noise analysis, linear and nonlinear RF modeling.
  • Created the EDA industry first commercial RF system simulator using full wave S-parameter and noise analysis.

Expert in wireless comm system level modeling and simulation.

  • Including TX designs, RX designs and propagation channels for waveform quality and BER analysis.
  • Created the EDA industry first commercial comm system simulator combining DSP and RF systems.

Expert in Keysight EEsof tools SystemVue and ADS Ptolemy.

  • Managed the EEsof R&D team for 22 years for the design and development of their system level tools OmniSys, ADS Ptolemy and SystemVue Data Flow.

John Baprawski’s career