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Top tools: 1. Channel Analysis Tool (use before tool 2)  2.a. SerDes System Simulator  2.b. SerDes Repeater Simulator  2.c. SerDes E-O-E Repeater Simulator  3. Eye Analysis Tool (use after tool 2)


Multi-Gigabit SerDes System is focused on the behavioral modeling of multi-gigabit high speed digital (HSD) integrated circuits (IC) used in high data rate serializer/deserializer (SerDes) communication channels and systems.

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Obtain Free IBIS-AMI Model Generation Tools from: Store-Free-Tools features:

  • free and subscription-use of on-line tools, including Channel Simulator
  • tools for creating custom SerDes system IBIS-AMI models
  • consulting and training for custom user defined IBIS-AMI models

Custom modeling is based on IBIS-AMI standards for modeling equalization and provides portable SerDes component models compatible for use in any standards compliant SerDes system channel simulator.

Our goal is to bring tools, technology and training to today’s HSD market.

For HSD IC and SerDes system design professionals looking for quick, efficient, accurate and cost effective modeling for SerDes systems:

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