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Custom IBIS-AMI standards compliant models can be created for customers on a consulting basis.

See an overview on IBIS-AMI models here.

See a discussion on the IBIS-AMI modeling flow here.

We provide many template based IBIS-AMI Tx and Rx models, many of which can be delivered for only $2000, and can be ordered directly from our web site tools.

See details at Portable_IBIS_AMI_Models.pdf

We also provide custom IBIS-AMI Tx and Rx models per your specifications with a consulting contract with you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for an estimate on the consulting fee for creating your custom IBIS-AMI models.

All IBIS-AMI models are based on the IBIS-AMI standard and can be used in any Channel Simulator that is compliant with this standard.

IBIS-AMI models are targeted for use in a High Speed Digital Serial Data Channel Simulator which is a class of electronic design simulator that enables multi-gigabit SerDes systems to have millions of bits simulated in minutes rather than hours or days using a traditional Spice based circuit simulator.

Besides our web based system level Channel Simulators, other Channel Simulators are available from various EDA companies:

  • Advanced Design System ChannelSim from Keysight Technologies
  • Quantum Channel Designer from SiSoft
  • Sigrity SystemSI from Cadence
  • Hyperlynx from Mentor Graphics
  • and others

Many types of IBIS-AMI model options are available from us.  Each IBIS-AMI model we create for you includes these deliverable files:

  • <name>.ibs (IBIS buffer specification file)
  • <name>.ami (Model definition based on the IBIS standard)
  • <name>_x64.dll (64 bit Windows dynamic linked library file)
  • <name>.so (64 bit Linux shared object file)
  • <name>.pdf (custom model documentation)

where <name> is the customer specified name for the model.

Many models have been created for customers at over 40 High Speed Digital IC companies. These models can be transmit (Tx) or receive (Rx) models that are linear-and-time-invariant (LTI) or nonlinear-or-time-variant (NLTV).

Some of the IBIS-AMI models created and delivered to customers include:

  • Models with over 1000 LTI characteristics with selection of the LTI characteristic based on model parameter settings (digital register settings, etc.).
  • Feed-forward equalizers (FFE) with automated optimization of the FFE tap values
  • Continuous time linear equalizers (CTLE) with automated optimization of the CTLE poles and zeros.
  • Clock and data recovery (CDR) models with digital phase/frequency lock loop with user specifiable jitter transfer specification (JTS).
  • Decision feedback equalizers (DFE) with automated optimization of the DFE tap values.
  • Models with random and deterministic jitter.
  • Models with states defined for different process variables (typ, min, max, slow, fast) and temperatures (PVTs).

Go to BLOG for papers on Models and SerDes systems and their Channel Simulations.